Who looks after your parcels when you are not in?

Royal Mail ÔÇô Takes it back to the sorting office for you to collect ÔÇô DELAY

Courier ÔÇô Leaves note saying they will redeliver ÔÇô DELAY

Neighbour ÔÇô But when you call him he is not at home ÔÇô DELAY

Sam Squirrel Box – Parcel waiting for you in your box ÔÇô NO DELAY

Install one of SamÔÇÖs boxes and get your mail and parcels delivered even when you are out.


I get these cards in my letter box ÔÇô but sometimes the couriers forget.
NOTE. I always leave my box at a certain number ÔÇô not the one to open the box.
If the number is changed I know there is a parcel inside.