Work with us


For the Sam Squirrel Box to be fitted correctly it should be screwed to a wall, horizontal and 1 metre off the ground, the house number affixed to the box and a sign indicating the existence of the box to postmen and couriers fitted near the doorbell. 

The box comes with fixing holes, the 8mm wall plugs and 8mm masonry drill bit, screws and signage. You will need to have DIY skills, a percussion drill with 10mm bit and an electric screwdriver is recommended. £20 is payable for every box fitted to the satisfaction of the purchaser.

Wholesalers and sales agents

Depending on the number of boxes supplied you on each occasion you can purchase boxes from us at a special discounted price.  At the same you can issue the leaflets directing purchasers to you and you can supply and fit and receive payment from the client.


Potential part-time sub-contractors who are employed elsewhere are responsible to ensure that working with us will not breach their existing employment contract.

The decision to appoint and/or cancel the appointment depends solely on the management of Sam Squirrel Post and Parcel box.