How it works


The Sam Squirrel Box is made for us by Prefect Lockers of Teddington,  a company established in 2004 who manufacturer and supply lockers and other cabinets for hard use areas such as schools, sports centres, swimming pools  etc. for both private companies and local authorities. 

Our boxes are made of fire resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which has high stress resistance and is used where impact, wear resistance and toughness is required, and unlike a steel box will not rust.

Prefect Lockers also make the special lock to which the owner can set a 4 figure pin of their choice. This code can be changed by the owner as required. If you consider your pin number has been compromised you can change the pin.

The exterior dimensions of the box - without the dome- is 655mm high, 440mm wide and 310mm deep. The dome adds 60mm to the height , making the height 715mm. The letter slot complies with  EN 13724 at 330mm wide and 35mm deep.

Once your box is fitted chose your personal pin number and set the lock accordingly. When placing an internet order put your pin after your surname (e.g. A.N. Other 1945) so it will appear on your waybill.

When the courier/postman comes he can go to your Sam Squirrel Box and use the code on the waybill to open it. He deposits your parcel(s) and scans the unique bar code on the back of the door to confirm delivery, closes the door and moves the numbers to relock the door.

When you get back, use your code to open the box and retrieve your parcel.

Included in the box

Signs to direct couriers and postmen to your box if it is not clearly seen from the front door. House numbers to attach to your box to comply with the requirement as an alternative delivery point for Royal Mail - post and parcels. Registration form for the guarantee provided within the purchase price for the first year. Fixing screws, washers and wall plugs to fix your box to a wall. Master key to your box in case you forget your code.

Fitting to an existing property

The approved height for a letter box slot is between 70mm and 170mm off the ground. So by installing the box 1 metre off the ground the letter slot is at the required height and box itself complies with building regulations for use by owners in a wheel chair. Plan to place the box where does it not block the path and preferably where it can be easily seen by the postman/courier.

To ensure it is level screw a batten to the wall at 1 metre you can then place the box in the desired place and mark the screw whole positions. (There are 6 well-spaced holes in the back) Remove the box and then drill holes with an 8mm masonry drill unless going straight into wood. Insert the plugs, put the cap on the box to give a curved top, put the box back on the batten and screw to the wall using the screws and washers provided.-The top screws fix the cap. Remove batten.

Press out the numbers needed and add your house number on the front square. If the box cannot be seen from the front doors affix a direction sign near your doorbell. Decide on your pin/code and push in the pin while you rotate the numbers until your desired pin is shown. Release the pin.  To lock move the numbers. To unlock rotate until your pin is shown and turn the handle.

Where we have a local representative in your area the box can be fitted for you for £20. 

Fitting to a property during construction

The box is made to fit between 9 courses of brickwork and two face bricks wide + pointing in - allowing for minor variations in the size of each brick. A 9mm structural plywood casing can be inserted within the face bricks, if needed. 

To comply with Building Regulations

 the box can be inserted into the face bricks and part of the cavity.  This makes it very suitable for a mews house where space is at a premium.

Drill holes in the sides where the screws can be inserted into the face bricks. Discard the cap which is designed for when the box is fitted to an existing wall.

See fitting to an existing property for instructions


We are 99% certain you're going to love this product, but to make you 100% happy with the product and your purchasing experience we offer a full, no fuss money back guarantee on return of the box, if it turns out for whatever reason it's not for you.

It addition the box is guaranteed against defective workmanship/defective materials for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase excluding accidental damage, wear and tear and misuse.

The above guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

To register your box please complete the registration form which is included within the box paperwork.

Proof of Delivery

For parcels and mail that has to be signed for the unique barcode label in the box confirms that scanning of the bar code will be accepted by the insurers of a satisfactory delivery.

Royal Mail alternative delivery point.

Following a recent instruction from Ofcom a suitable alternative delivery point must be accepted. The Sam Squirrel Box complies with the requirements. In the event that Royal Mail fail to deliver to your box we can provide a standard letter to your local sorting office to remind them of Ofcom's requirements so it should not happen again.